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Ridhi Chhabra is An Advanced Certified Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance. Ridhi is passionate about Website Designs, Development and Mobile Apps etc. She believes in Teamwork, and therefore, trust & gives freedom to team members to perform their best skills to get great results!

Core Values

Always believe in giving 100% efforts
Communication plays a vital role in Project Success
Trust & Transparency is the key for Good Relationships
Commit less & Deliver more!

From Director's Desk!
Ridhi Chhabra, A-CSM

Successfully managed 100+ projects In 9+ years
the Globe for customers in US,
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India
Oh well, I don’t read success stories, instead, I love
to read failure stories.
Everyone will tell you what’s great in there and
what’s the best to do.
But I love to read, what makes a project fail? what
makes the startups fail? And I learn What NOT to do 🙂

An Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) from Scrum Alliance since 2010. I am extremely passionate about websites designs and development, bringing up businesses online and growing the sales and what not. Be it marketing or any other IT service. I just love managing all this.

I have been implementing Scrum Framework in more than 80% of my projects which are resulting in Successful Project Completion and Great Customer Experience. I love building connections and delivering projects with customers around the globe, across US, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Impacts on Advancing Project Management within an organization in past 1 year:

  • Conducted an Agile based Seminar in Oct 2018 to guide and train team to implement the Scrum Framework in the Project Management and Project Deliveries.
  • Currently running Scrum Framework in all current 8 projects going on within the organization.
  • Delivered 15 projects in less than 1 year with implementation of Scrum/Agile in the year 2018-19.
  • Worked as a Scrum project management trainer with The KnowledgeAcademy and trained professionals from Australia and United States for both online and classroom
    training from 2017-Present.
  • Wrote project management blogs for KnowledgeHut site.
  • Continue to write blogs on Scrum Project Management Techniques.

Brief Job Profile

I am currently working as a Managing Director in an IT Company named – Imagitrue Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
From managing small website projects to managing bigger web applications.
From managing mobile applications to managing gaming and AI applications.
Be it managing people, managing finances, managing and a lot more, I love working in all these areas and projects, I believe in putting my soul into it.

Currently responsible for the growth of the organization, and successful project management and project deliveries.


  • Dec 2018 to Present: Managing Director at Imagitrue Technologies (Continuing the work in the field of managing projects, teams, customers, finances etc.)
  • Dec 2017 to Present: Scrum Project Management Trainer
  • Aug 2015 to Present: Project Management Blogger
  • Aug 2015 to Present: Upwork Freelancer (Top Rated IT Project Manager)
  • Aug 2018 to Dec 2018: General Manager at Imagitrue Technologies (Got Agile Project Management Techniques implemented)
  • Aug 2015 to Aug 2018: Project Manager at Kohlex LLC (Got Agile Project Management Techniques implemented)
  • Jun 2014 to May 2015: Project Manager at Rubico IT Pvt. Ltd. (Got Agile Project Management Techniques implemented)
  • Apr 2010 to May 2014: Project Coordinator at Rubico IT Pvt. Ltd. Apart from professional life, I enjoy meeting new people, traveling and writing blogs and articles. Refer to my LinkedIn for more articles.

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