We spend plenty of our time creating a product or launching a service, we put all our efforts and then we go to the customer to sell it, but in the end it gets rejected. Why? Where are we failing?

Of-course, the way we are presenting it. It is very important we communicate our ideas well.

In order to communicate them well, We should have the ability to present them in an impressive manner.

Below are the 10 points that can help an individual present well. Let’s have a look on How to give an Amazing Business Presentation?

  1. Set a Goal for your presentation:We should have a proper focus and goal for our presentation. We should not randomly talk about it. We should structure it in a proper manner, giving the proper table of contents. When audience start listening to a presentation, the first question that arise in their mind is Why we should buy this product? or buy this service? or Why it’s even worth listening? Second is, What are you talking about? It’s important that speaker makes the audience understand this during the first sections of the presentation.
  2. Understand your Audience: It is very important we place ourselves on the seats of our audience. Look at it from audience perspective, What they want to listen? Why they should listen? What they will understand? Knowing the audience is the key to a good presentation.
  3. 10-20-30 Rule: It’s a PowerPoint rule given by Guy Kawasaki. It’s quite simple: a PowerPoint presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and contain no font smaller than thirty points. (Reference: http://guykawasaki.com/the_102030_rule/)
  4. Make it Interactive: No-one wants to sit for hours and listen to a person. People nowadays want to interact. They want to ask questions, get clarifications. Make your presentation interactive so it keeps the audience indulged.
  5. Talk with the Mind and not just reading out PowerPoint Slides: Don’t read your PowerPoint slides. They are for audience and not for the speaker. They should be kept simple enough.
  6. Try telling stories: Everyone likes stories instead of statistics. Stories are the very interesting way of keeping your audience indulged. It helps build emotional connection between the audience and your topic.
  7. Arrive Early: Reaching the stage at the eleventh hour and then setting up the projector, opening up your laptop, is not a good practice when audience are waiting to hear from you. Arrive early, make yourself comfortable and start confidently. A good start often leads to good presentation.
  8. Maintain Eye Contact: Don’t just read out the stuff. Talk, Interact with your audience. Maintaining eye contact is very important to show that the speaker is confident enough in presenting as it makes the audience believe the presenter.
  9. Talk Slow: Less confident and nervous speakers often talk fast. Talk slowly, take pauses, it will help your audience understand you well.
  10. Practice! Practice! Practice! An old saying, Practice makes the men perfect. Keep practicing so at the final presentation, we are well prepared.
Hope it helps. All the Best for your Presentation!