There are certain points to taken care of while writing emails to clients. Emails are the electronic medium of communication. Generally, we communicate project information, status reports etc… via emails and those have to communicated effectively to the clients/customers for one’s business needs.

Below are some of the points one should take care:

  1. Using Greetings & Gestures: It is very important one should first greet the person to whom they are writing an email. Asking about one’s well being provides a person a sense of importance as well as help improving relationships between the two parties.
  2. To the Point: Always talk to the point whenever communicating via email. Never write long emails as nobody is interested in reading long stories. Getting to the point makes a person more interested in reading your stuff.
  3. Use proper Subject: Subject is the summary of the email. This needs to clear and talking about the content of the email. Based on the subject, a person chooses to open your email from their inbox.
  4. Short & Concise: Never write long sentences, instead cut down the email in the form of numbering or bullet points and then provide status reports. This makes the email more concise and helpful for the readers.
  5. Use proper Email Signatures: Using proper Email signature shows one’s professionalism and good in terms of marketing one’s business. A sample of Email signature is below:
    • John Doe
    • CEO of XYZ Company
    • Email:
  6. Using “To” Email Address: Always use the email address to whom you are sending an email and expect response from them.
  7. Using “CC” Email Address: Always use the email address from whom you don’t want any response and you just want them to be aware of the matter.
  8. Write different emails for different subjects: It is recommended to write different emails for different subjects in order to avoid confusion for the readers.
  9. Talk about positive points first and then the negative points.
  10. Talk about insight/summary and then details.